Democrats Are Using Lawfare against Trump Because They ‘Can’t Beat Him in the Polls,’ Lawyer Warns – EVOL

President Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba has warned the American people that the Democrats are attacking the 45th POTUS with lawfare tactics because they “can’t beat him in the polls.”

Habba believes her client is being persecuted in the courts by Democrat prosecutors to stop Trump from winning reelection, Breitbart reported.

The lawyer made these remarks from the steps of the New York State Supreme Court Building in Manhattan, where Trump’s “hush money” case is underway.

Trump is juggling four separate cases while campaigning for the 2024 presidential election.

Habba told reporters this is no accident.

“The fact that we have two courts, not one — criminal and civil — being used against one man because they cannot beat him in the polls is a disgrace to the American judicial system,” Habba said.

Prior to his current criminal trial in New York, President Trump was the subject of a civil case also brought in NYC.

“You should not have two teams of lawyers here today,” she told reporters.

“You should not even be here today, because he did nothing wrong.

“It is the epitome of a witch hunt.”


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Trump and his legal team have been forced



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