Democrat Representative Remarks on Trump's Cases Spark GOP Outcry – EVOL

Let’s dive into the latest Capitol Hill drama.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) stirred the pot with his offensive words about President  Trump’s New York criminal cases on Wednesday.

And the GOP wasn’t having it!

Well his remarks were struck from the congressional record.

McGovern made these comments during debate on a set of GOP bills on cryptocurrency and noncitizen voting.

The Democrats claim that’s a distraction from the Trump trial.

Then McGovern went to X to voice how he was treated unfairly and that the GOP has double standards, willing to attack Biden but protect Trump.

Rep. Jim McGovern was sanctioned by Republicans for listing out the various indictments and criminal allegations against Donald Trump.


— Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) May 22, 2024

Poor McGovern.

Here’s his post about how he was bullied by the mean ol’ Republicans.

Republicans just banned me from speaking on the House Floor for the rest of the day because I listed Trump’s trials.

I didn’t say he was guilty, I just stated the fact that they exist—and for that I was silenced.

Apparently, Republicans are allowed to say that Trump’s trial is…

— Rep. Jim McGovern (@RepMcGovern) May 22,



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