Democrat Offers ‘Solution’ for Schoolgirls Forced to Shower with Males: ‘Utterly Deranged’

An Arizona Democrat lawmaker has offered a “solution” to schoolgirls who are fearful after being forced to shower with male students.

Earlier this year, Arizona’s legislature passed bill SB 1040.

The legislation would require schools to provide a private bathroom for students of either sex who are unwilling or unable to use a group bathroom.

However, the bill was eventually vetoed by the state’s Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs.

A video has now emerged from during the debate and voting on the bill that has quickly gone viral on social media.

The video shows Democrat State Sen. Christine Marsh offering her reasons for opposing the bill.

The video was shared by the AZ War Room, which called her comments “sick and deranged.”

Marsh is seen offering a “solution” for female students who are being forced to shower with boys.

“I would just like to point out that we could have just passed a law that schools have to have shower curtains and it could’ve solved this whole thing,” she said during the debate, the “unbelievably troubling video” posted to Twitter/X shows.

“So I wasn’t kidding — I mean people kind of chuckled, but I’m not kidding.

“That should be the



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