Democrat John Fetterman Breaks with Biden on Withholding Weapons for Israel – EVOL

Democrat Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) has broken ranks with President Joe Biden regarding shipments of weapons for Israel.

Fetterman said he “doesn’t agree” with Biden about “withholding any kind of munitions” to Israel in the conflict with Hamas, Breitbart reported.

The Democrat senator, who has been stumping for Biden’s 2024 campaign in his state of Pennsylvania, made his opinion crystal clear on Fox News’s “Special Report.”

Host Bret Baier asked Fetterman about his stance after comments the lawmaker made earlier that day broke with the president and humiliated Democrats.

Fetterman said Biden “has been very supportive [of] Israel.”

However, Fetterman said he disagrees with the president’s reluctance to send help in the form of weapons.

“I don’t think we should be withholding any kind of munitions, and I think…we need to send them immediately,” Fetterman said.

“Of course, Israel is in this kind of war, and we — I have no conditions.

“I never have, and I can’t imagine I ever will,” he said emphatically.

This is an explicit promise from Fetterman at a time when Biden seems to be waffling.

While Biden is not overtly pulling back from Israel, Baier pointed out that the U.S. is “slow-walking these arms



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