Democrat donors back GOP Utah Gov Cox’s campaign for reelection – EVOL

Incumbent Utah Governor Spencer Cox’s 2024 campaign in the Beehive state has been bankrolled by left-wing Democrats.  

In December 2024, Cox was given two $50,000 donations from David E. Cumming as well as John Cumming, both of whom register their address in Wyoming with the Cumming Foundation, as reported first by the Federalist.  

The foundation’s vice president Annette Cumming has also previously been the chair on the board of Planned Parenthood in Utah and now sits on the current Planned Parenthood Federal Political Action Committee.  

John Cumming was one of the Democrats’ “biggest donors” during the 2020 election cycle, according to data on Open Secrets with nearly $370,000 in donations. The only other Republican to receive funding from the left-wing donor is Senator Mitt Romney

David Cumming’s previous contributions include the likes of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama during their presidential runs.

Cox has raised $1.7 million this election cycle, as reported by Deseret News.  

Previously in 2020, Cox also received the large sum of $75,000 from the largest teacher’s union in the country, the National Education Association, making the NEA one of the Utah governor’s largest donors, according to Follow the Money.  

The organization frequently supports left-wing candidates with donations and has pushed for



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