Dem Voters Just Gave Biden The Middle Finger… Total Rejection – EVOL

In the Michigan primary on Tuesday night, Joe Biden, the current president, faced a setback as over 100,000 Democrats chose “uncommitted” instead of supporting him. Despite winning the primary with 618,006 votes, which accounted for 81.1 percent of the total vote, this result was considered disappointing for an incumbent. The “uncommitted” votes, totaling 100,995, made up 16 percent of Biden’s overall vote.

This raises concerns for the upcoming presidential election, as Biden cannot afford to lose such a crucial swing state if even 16 percent or ten percent of Democrats decide not to vote. In contrast, only 33,383 Republicans voted “uncommitted,” which accounted for approximately four percent of Donald Trump’s total vote of 756,636. In the 2020 election, Biden supposedly won Michigan by a narrow margin of 154,188 votes out of over five million.

Another worrisome factor for Democrats is that, with 95 percent of the vote counted, former President Trump received a total of 756,636 votes in the Michigan Republican primary, surpassing Biden’s vote count by around 140,000 raw votes. In fact, Trump’s 756,636 votes nearly exceed the total number of votes (so far) in the Democrat primary, which stands at 762,254.

President Trump has



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