Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: “We’ll Send Your Uncles, Cousins, And Sons To Fight Russia,” Claims Tucker Carlson

I am beyond enraged as I write this, by the time you’re through reading it you’ll be exactly where I am right now.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is a thug who thinks he can extort the United States and her people for a corrupt, Slavic neighborhood of Russia. I won’t dignify Ukraine by calling it a country here.

It’s no secret that Zelensky is losing his war against Russia and Vladimir Putin badly; I suppose that’s what he gets for doing the bidding of D.C. and the military-industrial complex.

Instead of the warmongers and ‘nation builders’ in D.C. simply admitting that engaging Russia in a proxy war was a horrible idea, they are doubling down.

Never mind that 500,000 innocent people have died, never mind that even with sophisticated U.S. weaponry Ukraine never stood a chance, never mind that NATO is defunct, never mind that the U.S. empire is collapsing.

What matters to the folks in D.C. is that Russia loses this proxy war at all costs—something that is extremely unlikely to happen.

According to Tucker Carlson, Lloyd Austin said this in a closed-door, classified meeting at the White House: “We’ll send your uncles, cousins, and sons to fight Russia.”

The Secretary of Defense,



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