Defendants Caught Trying to Bribe Juror with $120,000 Cash Stuffed in Hallmark Gift Bag – EVOL

A Minnesota-based trial took a bizarre turn when the defendants made a brash attempt at trying to sway the jury’s verdict.

The case involved five people who were convicted in a scheme that resulted in the theft of over $40 million in funds earmarked for starving children during the pandemic.

According to the New York Post, the case saw a brazen, last-minute bribe attempt.

The defendants attempted to bribe a juror with $120,000 in cash in a Hallmark gift bag.

The bag of cash was delivered to one of the juror’s homes.

It was received on the night before the jury was ordered to court to hear closing arguments from both sides.

Ultimately, the juror who received the bribe was dismissed.

In addition, a second juror who knew about the attempted bribe was also dismissed.

The defendants involved in the case, who happen to all be of East African descent, are part of a much larger group of 70 others.

Officials say the crime ring was behind the largest financial scheme of the pandemic.

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$120K cash in a Hallmark bag, urging acquittal, was left at the



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