Data Analyst Delivers TERRIBLE News For Joe Biden – EVOL

CNN Data Analyst Harry Enten shared concerning information for President Joe Biden’s potential reelection bid in relation to American voters’ approval of Biden on key topics when compared to presumed 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Enten clarified that Biden’s strongest issue appears to be abortion, as the Democratic president lags behind Trump on significant matters such as the economy, immigration, and international disputes.

“If you are the Biden campaign looking at these numbers in important states for them on the map, Arizona and Nevada, what do you see?” CNN anchor John Berman asked.

“Yeah, you love the fact that abortion is in the news because would Biden or Trump do a better job?” Enten replied.

“This is nationally, look at abortion.

“Biden leads on this measure by 14 points.

“It’s by far his best issue.”


Abortion rights are very popular. Biden is much more trusted on abortion than Trump. If this election is about abortion, Biden wins.

The problem? The election, at this point, is about the economy+immigration. Issues where Trump dominates.

— (((Harry Enten))) (@ForecasterEnten) May 2, 2024



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