Daily Wire Reportedly Takes Legal Action Against Candace Owens – EVOL

C’mon, Ben Shapiro. What’s the deal?

Trying to avoid a debate, eh?

By now, most of you readers should know this phrase:

Truth fears no investigation.

And a debate is similar to an investigation, if not the vocalizing of what one has found in their investigation to prepare for the debate.

It all boils down to truth.

So, why the gag order against Candace Owens?

Is truth not on your side, Shapiro and your cohorts at the Daily Wire?

Did you know that Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire secretly obtained a gag order on Candace Owens while publicly accepting her offer to a debate? Sheesh, boys. Why so threatened? https://t.co/YtfrP3dyUU pic.twitter.com/4Vmy8ZjWgn

— Michael J. Matt (@Michael_J_Matt) May 2, 2024

New York Post reports:

The right-leaning news and commentary site Daily Wire obtained a gag order against former host Candace Owens despite co-founder leaving the page.” data-wf-tooltip-position=”bottom” data-wf-reset-every=”90″>Ben Shapiro claiming he wanted to publicly debate her about Israel and antisemitism, according to a report.

The Daily Wire secretly sought to muzzle Owens through a private arbitrator after she left the company in March, wrote Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald in his Locals newsletter on Thursday.

The gag order



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