'Daily Show' Contributor Says Every Form Of Music Was 'Stolen' From Black People – EVOL

Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan claimed that “every form of music” has been “stolen” from black people.

MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin asked Sloan about an alleged “conservative outcry” over an upcoming country album set to be released by Beyonce. “One could joke his whole affair illustrates uh… that the far-right actually really hates cultural appropriation,” Mohyeldin said. “But black people have always been a part of folk and country music,” he continued before asking Sloan to weigh in.

“If white people hate cultural appropriation, then they shouldn’t have created music, because every form of music in America was stolen from black people,” she replied.

“Rock and roll, jazz, blues, country, pop music. So if you have a problem with cultural appropriation, y’all created classical music. Y’all could have stuck with that,” she continued. “Roll the piano in this concert. You see what I’m saying? So it’s like it only applies to the fact that, well, we don’t like this thing. We can’t steal this thing.”

The morbidly obese comedian went on to claim that black people are better than white people at practically everything. “Listen, we keep showing up. We keep showing up and we keep doing well. Y’all let



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