Curtis Silwa Among Protesters Arrested For Blocking Entrance To Proposed Staten Island Migrant Shelter

Former New York City mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Silwa was arrested for the second time this week for protesting outside the entrance to a proposed migrant housing site.

For the second week in a row, protesters gathered outside a Midland Beach assisted living facility that the city will be converting into a shelter for illegal aliens. This week’s rally appeared to have drawn an even bigger crowd than last Saturday, when roughly 300 people turned up outside the center.

“We are at war … and it’s not looking good,” activist Scott LoBaido said of the city’s ongoing migrant crisis.

More than 50,000 migrants have traveled to the city or been shipped to the Big Apple by border state governors due to “sanctuary city” policies in the current year. As a result, Mayor Eric Adams has called for federal assistance to help ease the burden of the crisis estimated to ultimately cost the city more than $12 billion through July 2025.

The Midland Beach site is one of 198 shelters that have been set up across the city in order to house illegal aliens.

“There are people in foreign countries who have waited years to get in the



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