'CRAZY': CNN Expert SLAMS Judge Merchan's Handling Of Critical Jury Instructions – EVOL

New York’s trial of former President Donald Trump took an unexpected twist that left experts confused and one CNN analyst branding the proceedings as “crazy.” The spotlight fell sharply on Judge Juan Merchan’s handling of critical jury instructions as the case headed toward deliberation. The case is centered around 34 counts of falsified business records related to the alleged hush money payment to adult film actor Stormy Daniels.

The trial, which has captured the nation’s attention due to its high-profile defendant, concluded its jury instructions Wednesday morning. After a brief sidebar discussion between Judge Merchan and the attorneys, the jury was dismissed to begin deliberations in what many are calling an unprecedented legal showdown.

David Oscar Markus, a seasoned criminal defense attorney, was in disbelief on CNN today over the judge’s decisions during this crucial phase. “The jury must be overwhelmed,” Markus said. “To have all of these instructions just read to them without them getting a copy is going to be overwhelming for them.”

Traditionally, jurors are given a written copy of the instructions to refer to during their deliberations. However, in this case, they will only have their notes and the option to ask for instructions to be



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