Covid Vaxxed Emit Strange Fluorescent Glow under UV Light – EVOL

New research has just set off alarm bells among the scientific community after it revealed that people who have been vaccinated for Covid with mRNA injections emit a strange fluorescent glow under certain ultraviolet (UV) light.

The glow appears as tiny dots on the skin.

Disturbingly, the dots of light appear to move around on their own.

The alarming discovery was made by Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea.

Her work is shown through scientific testing and backed up by government and NGO documentation.

New research shows that those who received the Covid shots emit a fluorescent orange glow in their faces that is visible under a UV light of 365 nano-meters.

Those who have been exposed to shedding emit this glow around their nose, the research reveals.

After his wife was coerced into getting the Covid shot, PhD Justin Coy began his own research.

He found that the more shots a person received, the more they glowed under UV light.

The glow can be seen initially around the nose, and over time spreads throughout the entire face and into the neck.

After a hot shower, filaments are expelled through the skin of the vaxxed.

These filaments also emit a glow



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