Covid Vax Death Hidden from Public to Push mRNA Shots – EVOL

A bombshell new report has revealed that millions of Covid vaccine deaths have been hidden from the public in order to keep pushing experimental mRNA shots onto the masses.

After years of being told that warning about Covid shots were just “conspiracy theories,” the damning new report has sent shockwaves through the entire narrative.

It turns out the deaths from Covid vaccinated patients were actually labeled as unvaccinated.

Health officials sought to artificially inflate the number of deaths among the unvaccinated to scare people into getting the Covid mRNA injections.

Simultaneously, the cover-up healed to persuade people that the dangerous shots were actually “safe and effective.”

“That’s why ‘unvaccinated’ deaths spiked immediately after the vaccine rollout,” explained Dr. Toby Rogers.

“That’s how they hid COVID vaccine deaths and kept the rollout going.”

Roger’s tweet mentioned a Substack post from Thursday titled “Where Are The Numbers” by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil.

These professors, in their own words, “challenge the global Covid-19 narrative, exposing the use and abuse of statistics.”

That’s an eloquent way of saying the results were SKEWED to sell a narrative.

The alarming discovery was found in the database of the UK government’s Office for National Statistics



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