Covid Shots Promote ‘Hyperprogressive Cancers,’ New Evidence Shows

Damning new evidence has linked Covid mRNA shots to the recent surge in a new phenomenon doctors are calling “hyperprogressive cancers.”

The evidence shows the harmful effects on the human body caused by a unique, rare class of antibodies called IgG4.

IgG4 is caused by repeat injections of mRNA Covid vaccines.

These IgG4 antibodies are usually created in response to persistent irritants such as worms.

Unfortunately, repeat injections of mRNA Covid vaccine are perceived by our immune systems as a ‘persistent irritant’ and cause the IgG4 antibody switch.

The ‘persistent irritation’ effect possibly occurs not only because of repeat injections but also due to mRNA gene expression never stopping in half of the vaccinated people.

Are these IgG4 antibodies harmless? Do they have any effects outside of our immune reactions to COVID-19? Is there something to worry about?

Unfortunately, a 2020 study published in the British Medical Journal’s Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer suggests that having more IgG4 antibodies — of any kind – enhances cancer progression.

The study by Wang et al. was done two years before the discovery of mRNA vaccine-related class switch to IgG4 antibodies.

The study authors found cancer-enhancing effects of any IgG4 antibodies in people and laboratory mice:

RESULTS: In a cohort of patients with esophageal cancer we found that IgG4-containing B lymphocytes



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