Covid Shots Officially Declared 'Biological Weapons' as Deaths Soar – EVOL

Covid mRNA shots have officially been declared “biological weapons” in Arizona as deaths among the vaccinated continue to soar.

State officials are now preparing to ban the injections after overwhelmingly passing a resolution to support the moves.

Arizona passed a “ban the jab” resolution declaring COVID-19 vaccines to be “biological and technological weapons.”

The move came after several studies linked the injections to skyrocketing deaths, cancers, strokes, heart failure, and more.

The governor has now been called on to ban the shots and seize existing vials so a forensic analysis can be conducted on their contents.

The resolution passed with 95.62% of the votes.

The resolution points out that clinical data from vaccine maker Pfizer revealed 1,223 deaths, along with 158,000 adverse incidents, 42,000 adverse cases and roughly 1,000 side effects associated with the jabs, and many vaccinated individuals have suffered permanent disability, illness, and even death as a result.

They add that “strong and credible evidence from Sweden exists that COVID mRNA shots alter human DNA, and government agencies, media, and tech companies, and other corporations have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID injections are safe and effective.”

The groundbreaking resolution was proposed by a prominent figure in the



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