Covid Shots Killed More People Than They Saved, Top Study Finds – EVOL

A new peer-reviewed study has concluded that Covid mRNA shots have ended up killing more people than they saved.

After completing their study, the researchers issued an emergency alert calling on governments around the world to immediately pull the injections from public use.

According to the researchers, including world-renowned vaccine and health experts, the study confirmed “well-documented” serious adverse events and revealed an unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio.

With considerably lower efficacy rates, mRNA Covid vaccines cause more deaths than save lives, according to the study.

The researchers behind the study have called for the injections to be paused worldwide with an “immediate removal” from the childhood immunization schedules.

The peer-reviewed study was published in the prestigious Cureus journal.

The researchers involved in the study were:

During their study, the researchers analyzed reports from the initial phase 3 trials of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

The results from these trials led to the shots being approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States.

The study also looked into several other research and reviews of the trials.

It found that the vaccines had “dramatically lower” efficacy rates than the vaccine companies claimed.

Moreover, based on “conservative assumptions, the estimated



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