Covid Shots Are ‘Neither Safe Nor Effective,’ Canadian Watchdog Warns

Following a long investigation into Covid mRNA shots, a Canadian watchdog has warned that the injections are “neither safe nor effective.”

The Big Pharma vaccines are unsafe because they bypassed all the normal safety checks, Canadian accountability watchdog group National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) has warned.

NCI published a scathing report on September 14 detailing the corrupt process by which Big Pharma received approval for the experimental mRNA shots in Canada.

“It is important to understand that the COVID-19 vaccines were never approved under the traditional approval process for drugs in Canada,” the report warns, further explaining how Health Canada, the federal agency responsible for Canadian health policy, used a shady authorization process called an interim order instead.

“Under the alternative authorization process, the necessity to establish the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines through an objective manner appears to have been set aside.”

Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations legally require any drug slated for approval to have first undergone proper safety and effectiveness testing that is then presented to the minister of health for review.

The minister’s job is to assess the risks and benefits followed by either rejection or approval, Natural News reports.

Since COVID jabs were approved and pushed at warp speed in



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