Covid Death Rates Double Among Vaxxed, Top Study Shows – EVOL

A major peer-reviewed study has revealed that deaths from COVID-19 soared among those who received mRNA shots to supposedly protect them from the virus.

A team of top researchers from Ohio State University found that death rates doubled among the vaxxed when compared to those who were unvaccinated.

According to the study, published in the renowned Frontiers Journal, patients who were hospitalized with COVID-19 were twice as likely to die if they had received an mRNA injection.

The team of leading scientists, immunologists, and oncologists, includes:

In the “Results” section of the study, the researchers wrote:

“Among COVID-19 patients, mortality rate was significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax patients (p=0.002).

“The Charlson’s Comorbidity Index score (CCI) was also significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax COVID-19 patients.

“However, the mortality risk remained significantly higher (p=0.02) when we compared COVID-19 Vax vs. NVax patients with similar CCI score, suggesting that additional factors may increase risk of mortality.”

The study was based on data from Covid patients who were hospitalized between May 2020 and November 2022.

“Interestingly, mortality among Vax patients in this cohort was 70% compared with 37% in the NVax group, and overall survival rate was ~2 times higher in



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