Court system yet to address looming new threat to free speech | WND – EVOL

The American court system has yet to address a looming new threat to free speech: a determination that a cop can sue a protest organizer over what someone else did.

The Rutherford Institute, which fights for the religious and civil rights of Americans, said the result likely will be a new shadow over protests over abortion, over gun rights, over pandemic mandates, and many more.

“The ramifications of this case could chill constitutionally protected civil rights protests across the political spectrum,” explained John W. Whitehead, chief of the Rutherford and author of “Battlefield America: The War on the American People.” “This is yet another Machiavellian attempt by the government to sidestep the Constitution and prevent Americans from exercising their First Amendment right to speak truth to power.”

The institute warned the case has the potential for huge influence on speech across all political spectrums as well as the right to protest.

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The Supreme Court recently declined to review, sending the dispute back to the lower courts for



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