Court Enforces Orwellian Order Against Outspoken Jordan Peterson

A Canadian court has ruled that clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson must undergo “social media sensitivity training” due to his frequent controversial statements, which were deemed “unprofessional.”

Wednesday’s decision was handed down by a panel of three Ontario Divisional Court judges who unanimously ruled in favor of the College of Psychologists of Ontario — of which Peterson is a member, according to CTV News.

The “coaching program,” as court documents explained, will require Peterson to “reflect on, and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements.” If Peterson fails to complete the program, he could lose his license to practice.

Peterson is a former University of Toronto professor of psychology who went viral for a 2016 lecture in which he condemned the use of alternative pronouns and took aim at Canada’s expanding laws on gender identity or expression, according to BBC.

“The order is not disciplinary and does not prevent Dr. Peterson from expressing himself on controversial topics; it has a minimal impact on his right to freedom of expression,” Justice Paul Schabas wrote for the court.

In making their decision, the court weighed several of Peterson’s controversial comments to decide if they were in compliance with the College’s Standards



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