Companies Are Scaling Back 'Pride Month' Celebrations Over Fears of Conservative Boycotts – EVOL

Major American companies are scaling back their “Pride Month” celebrations over fears that they may become subject to a conservative boycott.

Pride celebrations last the entire month of June, and over recent years, companies have gone all out to promote LGBT products, services, influencers, parades, and other related activities.

However, conservative boycotts against companies such as Target and Bud Light have made executives think twice about shoving rainbow flags down the throats of their customers.

USA Today notes:

Love-themed Mickey Mouse backpacks. Pronoun pins. “Not a Phase” hoodies. “So gay for each other” greeting cards.  Every year, national brands cozy up to LGBTQ+ Americans with colorful merchandise for Pride Month. This June, those displays may not be as loud and proud.

Mainstream brands used to brush off anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment. That changed last year when conservatives organized boycotts online that slashed sales.

National retail chain Target moved its Pride displays from the entrances to the back of stores after conservative activists confronted employees and vandalized displays. This year, Target is scaling back its Pride collection and won’t carry the collection in all stores.

Bud Light, owned by beer giant Anheuser-Busch, is still struggling after last year’s conservative blowback over a social media campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.




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