CNN's Dana Bash Dumbfounded by Trump's Significant Polling Lead Over Biden in Michigan: 'The World is Upside Down' (VIDEO) – EVOL

A new CNN poll shows Trump with a significant lead over Joe Biden in Michigan and some people on the network are taking the news about as well as you’d expect.

Dana Bash recently commented on the poll findings, saying “the world is upside down.”

These folks really can’t comprehend how Americans would want Trump back, even though the country is going to hell under Biden.

FOX News reports:

CNN host says ‘world is upside down’ as Michigan poll shows Trump ahead by 20 points on Israel-Gaza

CNN host Dana Bash marveled Friday at how former President Trump is leading against President Biden on most key issues in Michigan, most notably on the Israel-Gaza war.

Bash spoke about polling conducted in Michigan and Pennsylvania showing Trump leading in the Great Lakes State and the presumptive candidates tied in the Keystone State.

She said that if Trump wins both, Biden cannot afford to lose any other swing states, such as “Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, or Nebraska’s second congressional district, or he will not win the White House.”

The news host went on to express shock that “abortion and democracy” are “the only two issues” where Biden has an advantage in



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