CNN Senior Legal Analyst Blasts the DOJ for ‘Inexplicable’ Conduct with Hunter Biden

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig provided searing legal analysis of the Hunter Biden investigation on the cable news network on Monday night.

“So when we look at this evolution, it really is quite the evolution in a fairly short period of time according to the New York Times,” the host Erica Hill asked. “I know you’ve noted on multiple occasions just how long this investigation had dragged on. Have you ever seen a federal case play out like this before?

“No, Erica, it’s really inexplicable to me,” Honig replied. “I mean, first we had basically five years of behind-the-scenes investigation with no transparency, no action, and some questions being asked what’s taken so long. But in the last couple months we’ve seen a pattern here… and we’ve now seen it play out two or three separate times.”

“DOJ moves towards a very lenient disposition,” Honig notes. “They’re just about to lock in that lenient disposition and then there arises pressure either through whistleblower testimony or through public scrutiny. And then DOJ backs off and says, actually, ‘we’re not gonna do that.’ Now that it’s been called out, we’re going to try to up it a little bit. And then



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