CNN Reporter Stunned by Size of Trump’s Bronx Rally Crowd: ‘This Is One of the Bluest Counties in the Entire Country!’ – EVOL

A CNN reporter was left stunned after witnessing Thursday’s turnout for Trump’s New York City rally in the Bronx.

CNN’s Kristen Holmes said the size of the crowd was shocking considering Trump’s event was in “one of the bluest counties in the entire country.”

While critics have claimed that Trump’s supporters traveled across the country for the rally, Holmes confirmed that many of the people she spoke to were locals.

Trump, who is still facing trial in Manhattan for his so-called “hush money” case, attracted a massive crowd for his campaign rally in the South Bronx.

During the huge event, Trump was joined on stage at one point by rappers “Sheff G” and “Sleepy Hallow.”

Both of the music stars endorsed Trump’s 2024 bid.

Some Bronx residents also expressed their surprise that a presidential candidate would hold a rally in their neighborhood.

While describing the rally to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Holmes said Trump had attracted “a bigger crowd than I think Democrats would like to see.”

She warned that it should particularly concern Democrats “given this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country!”

Holmes added that the event in the Bronx didn’t just pull in



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