CNN Pollster Sounds Alarm: Trump's Black Voter Support Has 'More Than Doubled' Since 2020 – EVOL

CNN is reporting on a “very troubling” sign for the Biden campaign: Donald Trump’s support among black voters has more than doubled.

“Look, if you look at 2024, Biden still leads among black voters over Donald Trump, 69% in an average of polls,” CNN’s Harry Enten said. “But look at this number for Donald Trump: 22%. Where was Donald Trump at this point? Four years ago in the poll, he was just at 9% of the vote.”

“So he’s seen more than a doubling in his support among African-Americans,” he continued. “This margin, which was in the seventies, just four years ago, look at where it is now — 69, minus 22. That puts it in the forties. My goodness gracious.”

“If this held through the general election, obviously we’re still months away, this would be by far the best performance for Republican candidate among black voters in a generation, two generations, probably since 1960 and Richard Nixon against John F. Kennedy,” he went on. “That’s how long we’re really talking about.”

“This could be a truly historic margin,” he added. “It’s quite a troubling sign for the Biden campaign.”

CNN: Trump’s Black Voter Support Has More Than DOUBLED



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