CNN Gets Roasted for Absurd Chyron Warning Constitution is ‘Outdated, Puts Democracy at Risk’

The few remaining viewers of CNN got a remarkable dose of news on Saturday.

Just in time for Constitution Day, CNN’s dwindling audience learned that the Consitution of the United States — the oldest written government charter in the world and the document that gave birth to the nation that has spread democracy around the globe — has become so “outdated” that it’s actually a “threat to democracy.”

Of course, that’s democracy as CNN’s scholars understand it. And you can’t spell ignorance without “C-N-N.”

The word came on “Newsroom,” anchored by former CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta interviewed two Harvard professors of government who are of the opinion that the grand system of compromise, checks and balances devised by the Founders in Philadelphia in 1787 is as obsolete as the quill pens they used to write it down.

Accompanying the interview was a chyron at the bottom of the screen declaring (in all caps): “Scholars Warn Outdated Constitution Has Put Democracy At Risk.”

And it was scorched on social media:

CNN “Scholars” are biased, irrelevant hacks willing to be paid to push the narrative that the Commie News Network wants. The word “Democracy” doesn’t appear in the



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