CNN ‘Fact Checker’ Destroys Biden’s Classified Documents Defense Point-by-Point – EVOL

President Joe Biden has been defended vigorously by major corporate news networks throughout his presidency.

But following the release of a damaging Special Counsel report on his classified documents scandal, CNN aired a brutal “fact check” of Biden’s defense for his illegal mishandling and dissemination of top secret information.

CNN’s senior reporter Daniel Dale, acting in the capacity of a “fact checker,” dismantled Biden’s defense point-by-point in a devastating takedown.

“While one thing that President Biden said is basically that he stored the documents in filing cabinets that could be locked. Let’s listen,” CNN’s John Berman said before airing a clip from President Biden’s press conference.

“All the stuff that was in my home was in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked,” Biden claimed.

“Just not true,” Dale replied. “John, this report from the Special Counsel includes photos. Those photos include shots of a box just sitting in President Biden’s Delaware garage. The special counsel described it as a badly damaged box sitting amid household detritus. So there was some material that was in cabinets, locked or lockable as the president said, but all of it’s certainly not in that open unsealed damage box



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