CNN Announces Debate Criteria That Leaves the Door Open for RFK Jr. – EVOL

These upcoming presidential debates keep getting more interesting by the minute.

Not only did Joe Biden finally throw down the gauntlet for a debate Donald Trump had long wanted, but now, it seems there might be another challenger eligible to debate.

While Biden and his handlers have carefully ensured that the structure of the debates will overwhelmingly favor the president’s senility — hosted by a friendly liberal news network, no audience, automatic shutoffs of microphones if one person goes beyond their allotted time — a report from CNN claimed that these stipulations won’t automatically disqualify a third party candidate.

Since CNN will be hosting the first debate on June 27, they have the prerogative to determine the criteria by which candidates can qualify for the debates.

First, all candidates must be eligible for the presidency per Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution — Biden and Trump obviously qualify, but so do third party candidates Cornel West, Jill Stein, and, most significantly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


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Second, all candidates must file a formal statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission,



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