CNN Anchor Melts Down after Getting Schooled on Border Crisis by GOP Lawmaker – EVOL

CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins suffered an angry meltdown after getting schooled on the national border crisis by Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) live on air.

Lawler gave Collins a free history lesson about Democrats and the border crisis on Wednesday.

However, Collins clearly didn’t appreciate the schooling.

At the beginning of the interview, Collins attempted to make a mountain of a molehill.

She tried suggesting that Democrat Tom Suozzi’s victory over Republican Mazi Pilip in a New York special election is an indictment against Republican issues, especially immigration, and the border crisis.

“Spare us the gaslighting,” Lawler told Collins.

“The reality is that [the border crisis] is a crisis of the Democrats’ own making.”

House Republicans, Lawler reminded Collins, have passed legislation addressing the border crisis.

However, every House Democrat voted against the bill.

But Collins defended that opposition because the bill contains “a lot of Trump-era immigration policies.”

“Those are the policies that actually brought down the border crossings,” Lawler said as he issued a fact-check on the fly.

“Joe Biden reversed those policies and border crossings exploded, which is why we’re dealing with this catastrophe.”

Despite her initial assertion about the significance of immigration policy and the New York special



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