Climate Protesters Interrupt Broadway Play, Fail to Notice When 'Sopranos' Star Leaves Stage to Intervene - EVOL

It seems the public’s already thin patience with the childish spectacle of obnoxious climate protestors disrupting people’s days has finally run out.

Even those you’d expect to show them a scrap of sympathy, like typically liberal Broadway actors, seemingly have no time for their antics anymore.

As seen in this video shared to X by climate activists with the hilariously self-important name of “Extinction Rebellion NYC,” a group of protestors tried to derail a revival of Henrik Ibsen’s play, “An Enemy of the People,” starring Jeremy Strong and former Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli.

🚨#BREAKING – Rebels disrupted #AnEnemyOfThePeople on #Broadway. #Climate activists aren’t the enemy; it’s fossil fuel criminals like Exxon & Chevron. If we don’t #EndFossilFuels now, there’ll be #NoTheatreOnADeadPlanet [THREAD]

— Extinction Rebellion NYC 🌎 (@XR_NYC) March 15, 2024


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The Independent fleshes out the incident with some interesting details, noting that the 1882 play actually does deal with environmental issues, specifically the issue of the contamination of the town’s public bathwater, and the interruption came during a scene at a town hall meeting.

The video



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