CIA exposed: Undercover video confirms Trump was kept in dark | WND – EVOL

A project manager reportedly working in Cyber Operations for the CIA, also an NSA contractor trusted with top-secret information, has confessed that multiple federal intelligence agencies withheld information from Donald Trump when he was president.

The words from Amjad Fseisi come in an undercover interview operation by James O’Keefe and his O’Keefe Media Group.

A report at The Liberty Daily says Fseisi claimed participating in the secrets were those including ex-CIA chiefs Gina Hapsel and Mike Pompeo, “because they believed he was a Russian asset who would leak sensitive information.”

Fseisi also charged the agencies used FISA to spy on Trump.

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“He is an absolute idiot. He’s a moron. He has no idea,” Fseisi says in the video.

Are U.S. intelligence agencies actively working against the will of the American people?

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According to the report,



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