Chuck Todd: RFK Jr’s ‘Vocal Issue’ Will ‘Weirdly Help’ Offset Biden’s Weakness on Debate Stage – EVOL

NBC News host Chuck Todd says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “vocal issue” could be an asset for Democrat President Joe Biden on the debate stage.

Kennedy has a neurological condition affecting his voice.

He previously revealed that he underwent surgery which improved his voice somewhat.

However, according to Todd, Kennedy’s “ailment” could “weirdly help” offset Biden’s weakness during a debate.

Todd argues that RFK Jr.’s “vocal issue” would make Biden look better by comparison.

“If you’ve ever spent a lot of time watching Robert Kennedy Jr. speak, I think if you were Joe Biden, you are going to want him on the debate stage,” Todd said on Wednesday.

Todd’s remarks came as Biden and President Donald Trump agreed to two debates, as Slay News reported.

For the moment, those debates exclude Kennedy since the independent candidate doesn’t appear on enough state ballots.

As the oldest president in history, questions about Biden’s physical vitality and age have become political sore spots.

However, Todd suggested Kennedy’s unusual manner of speaking could form a helpful contrast with Biden.

“I think there will be a point in the fall that they will actually see that as an asset,” Todd said, referring to the



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