Christian Teacher Who Was Fired for Objecting to California School's Transgender Policies Gets the Last Laugh – EVOL

Most of the time, standing up to the woke mob has meant temporary, or even permanent, loss of one’s career and income.

But, occasionally, in attempting to push back against the insane policies of the woke institutions like American public schools, those institutions have been forced to make restitution for their unjust actions.

This time, those unjust actions, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, were firing high school physical education teacher Jessica Tapia from her position at Jurupa Valley High School in January 2023.

According to Tapia in her wrongful termination lawsuit, she was fired for refusing to follow Jurupa Unified School District’s directions for accommodating transgender and “gender non-conforming” students.

Following the mandates of California’s controversial anti-discrimination laws, the school decreed that teachers must use students’ “preferred pronouns,” allow them to use the locker rooms and bathrooms that aligned with their “gender identity,” and could not inform parents of a student’s changed gender identity, if that was what the student wanted.


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Speaking with Fox News, Tapia said the whole debacle began in September of



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