Christian Teacher Fired for Revealing Student’s ‘Gender Transition’ to Parents Sues School

A teacher fired over her concern for a student’s welfare is not going down without a fight.

Bonnie Manchester, whom MassResistance reported is a Christian, was sacked from a middle school in Ludlow, Massachusetts, back in 2021 after informing a female student’s father that the school was secretly referring to his daughter as a boy.

Two years on, Manchester is filing a $10 million lawsuit against Ludlow, its school board, current and former school district superintendents, and several former school employees.

One of the defendants, the school’s former librarian, is a woman who identifies as a man. She allegedly pushed books on children containing sexually explicit content, “either in the form of illustrations, explicit descriptions of sexual activity, or both.”

“Some promoted a gay lifestyle, others trans,” the lawsuit states. “All advanced a view wherein gender confusion, sexual experimentation, promiscuity, or all three were considered normal.”

After Manchester pushed back against the distribution of such material, she says she was subjected to “a years-long bullying campaign and conspiracy … that culminated in her termination.”

The dispute that resulted in Manchester’s firing began when an 11-year-old female student struggling with mental health issues announced to school staff that she was “genderqueer.”



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