Christian Author Behind Top Devotional Series Dies at 77

Sarah Young, the author of the Christian devotional book “Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence,” passed away Friday — less than a week after various reports highlighted her “rapidly” declining health.

Young was 77 years old.

“We received the hard news that Sarah’s health is rapidly failing,” Thomas Nelson Publishers announced on social media last week. “We know that Sarah really believes in the power of prayer and prays for her readers every morning. Now, we have the precious privilege to lift up Sarah and her family. Please join us in prayer.”

Her cause of death is not totally clear at this point, but Young previously explained her illnesses in a 2015 interview, saying at the time: “I have struggled with extremely challenging health issues for 12 years. I’ve been diagnosed with two co-infections of Lyme disease, and I’ve had quite a bit of treatment for those. In October 2008, the day after I finished writing Jesus Lives: Seeing His Love in Your Life I had a severe attack of vertigo. Since that time, I’ve had a milder, chronic form of dizziness that has never gone away. I continue to be weak and to struggle with various



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