Chris Christie Goes To Bat For Hunter Biden: ‘He’s Not On The Ballot’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — who has made opposition to former President Donald Trump a centerpiece of his campaign — defended Hunter Biden against the mountain of evidence linking the Biden family with an influence peddling scheme with foreign nationals.

Christie joined ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday to discuss the recent arrest of former President Trump and ongoing investigations into the Biden family. “On felony and the possible felony conviction, I’ve talked to a lot of voters down South this week, and a lot of officials who just don’t think it matters, that it just canceled out with Hunter Biden. They don’t seem to care,” said CNN host Martha Raddatz.

“Well, look. Hunter Biden is not on the ballot,” Christie replied. “You know that I predicted weeks before the Hunter Biden plea was rejected that it would be rejected because it was a completely one-sided plea deal in favor of Hunter Biden. Now he’s going to face the same type of trial that Donald Trump’s going to face,” he continued.

The former governor then downplayed the importance of Hunter Biden allegedly using his father’s position as vice president to sell influence and demand payments from foreign nationals. “Here’s



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