Chris Christie Gets Roasted After Saying Trump 'Looks Terrible' – EVOL

Former New Jersey governor and Trump ally turned fierce critic Chris Christie raised eyebrows on Wednesday by claiming that the former president is in “terrible” physical condition.

While speaking with Washington Post reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell, Christie recalled a 2004 dinner with Donald Trump and claimed that he is very afraid of going to prison. According to Christie, who was then serving as state attorney general, Trump praised Christie for his work on a New Jersey State Senate corruption case.

“‘Well, great job on that John Lynch case. Amazing. You’re the best.’ Blah, blah, blah, as you would expect, Trump would say to somebody who could prosecute him,” Christie said. He then insinuated that Trump has no clue what happens when convicted of a crime, claiming that Trump asked if Lynch will be going to “a real prison.”

“Oh, no, he goes to real prison, like he’s been sentenced. He’s got a month to report. He’s gonna go to the Bureau of Prisons. I have nothing left to do with that. They decide where he goes, he could go anywhere in the country,” Christie claimed to have said.

“And he reached over and grabbed my arm. We were sitting next



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