China Links Social Credit Score to CBDC: 'My Child Can't Go to Private School' – EVOL

The Chinese Communist Party has reportedly linked its radical social credit score system to the state’s central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Citizens have begun raising the alarm over the situation to warn the West about the dangers of “cashless societies.”

One Chinese social media user has gone viral for detailing how his life has been turned upside down by his low social credit score.

Chinese journalist Leo Hu has a low social credit score which places him on a list of “untrustworthy people.”

Because of this low score, he faces a range of penalties that block him from enjoying a normal life.

Hu says he is now banned from flying due to his score.

However, the penalties don’t end there.

“I can’t buy property, my child can’t go to private school,” Hu told CBS.

“You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”


Once you are blacklisted by social credit system, you can no longer do online shopping in China. Because all online shopping sites require real name to login in, and you need to make payments with digital wallets Alipay and WeChat.

— Songpinganq (@songpinganq) October 12, 2023

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