China Battles Intense Flood Threat as Landslides Hit Guangdong Province – EVOL

Southern China is currently battling with severe landslides and floods following unprecedented torrential rains, according to reports.

Flooding and landslides started inundating the Guangdong province last Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.

Landslides in Guangdong have injured at least six people, trapping more, and causing major damage to villages.

The unprecedented floods are predicted to be the worst in a century.

The heavy rains began affecting the area late last week, causing rivers in the Pearl River Delta to swell dangerously and triggering landslides in nearby mountainous regions.

The landslides impacted six villages in the northern Guangdong town of Jiangwan, as reported by the state media on Sunday.

This has led to significant disruptions and casualties in the area.

Among the injured, six were severely affected and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Shaoguan for emergency treatment.

Over 80 rescue workers were deployed, working day and night to restore communication lines and assist those trapped by debris.

Rescue teams faced considerable challenges due to disrupted roadways and communications, complicating efforts to reach those affected directly.

Despite these hurdles, the focus remains on evacuating trapped individuals and providing immediate medical aid to those injured.

Aerial images from the area



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