Chicago Dems Revolt Against Joe Biden Over Immigration: “Why can’t we close the borders of Chicago, can we say no we won’t take anymore”

Chicago Democrats who voted for President Joe Biden by a huge percentage are revolting and demanding that city leaders ‘close the borders of Chicago to stop the influx of illegal migrants. Migrants are not eligible for asylum if they are just coming here for work, which is what the majority admit when asked.

A resident got a huge ovation at a recent community event with Alderman Ronnie Mosley in the 21st Ward when she begged him to close the borders of Chicago.

WOMAN: I want to know if there is a capacity limit and what is that limit if there is one? And why can’t we close the borders of Chicago or the state of Illinois in the first place? Why can’t we close the border?

ALDERMAN RONNIE MOSLEY: I know there is a limit. I do know that when you are seeking asylum you are seeking protection from the U.S. not to return. 

So that is a process that folks are going through when they come here and they get their interview and then the Texas governor sends them to Illinois and specifically Chicago.

WOMAN: So they get to come once they do an interview with Texas they



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