Celebrities Back Away from Endorsing Biden: ‘Is It Even Worth It?’ – EVOL

Celebrities are reportedly backing away from endorsing Democrat President Joe Biden for re-election due to the increased scrutiny such a move would bring.

Biden trying to court Hollywood stars to back his presidential campaign in the tight 2024 race, a new report claims.

Earlier this week, Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro humiliated himself while making an anti-Trump speech for the Biden campaign in New York.

De Niro’s divisive comments ended up angering the crowds who heckled the Hollywood star on the streets of New York City as he fled.

During Biden’s last run in 2020, several popular celebrities followed the “woke” herd to endorse Biden.

However, many celebrities are hesitant to do so this time around.

“It’s a different world than it was 10 years ago,” one celebrity publicist reportedly told CNN.

“You can’t make anyone happy. You can’t win.”

Celebrity insiders told CNN that tensions over Israel and the increased polarization in the country have left many stars wary to support Biden.

“Celebs feel, more than ever, that the perceived cost is higher,” a political strategist who advises celebrities added.

Is it even worth it?

At the same time, Biden’s campaign is eager to court these big names



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