Carbon Dioxide Is NOT Causing 'Climate Crisis,' Study Warns – EVOL

A group of leading climate scientists has issued a warning to governments and the public after conducting a study that debunks the globalist anti-carbon agenda.

Three scientists, including the world-renowned Atmospheric Professor Yi Huang of Canada’s McGill University, have published a study showing that carbon dioxide is not causing a so-called “climate crisis.”

They analyzed data that is frequently used to promote the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda.

However, even after doubling the current amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in their calculations, the scientists found that figures quoted for the impact on “global warming” were exaggerated by at least 40 percent.

In addition, they found that CO2 isn’t capable of heating the atmosphere beyond the levels already passed in the pre-industrial age.

“Transmissivity in the CO2 band center is unchanged by increased CO2 as the absorption is already saturated,” they note.

The study’s findings destroy the “settled” climate science that backs the collectivist “Net Zero” agenda of WEF and its allies.

As Slay News has reported, carbon dioxide has become increasingly demonized by corporate elites, globalist government officials, the WEF, the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO, and other unelected bureaucrats.

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