Canadians Told to Leave Car Keys Somewhere Convenient for Thieves: Criminals ‘Have Guns’ - EVOL

Canadian authorities are now telling residents to make sure they leave their car keys in a place that is convenient for thieves.

Citizens are told that they should leave the keys next to their front doors so the crooks can easily find them and quickly leave with their vehicles.

Police warn that, while law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by their government, criminals still “have guns.”

The news comes as crime rates continue to soar in Toronto, Canada.

Officials in the city are now coming up with creative ways to tackle soaring numbers of robberies.

A viral City News report described a nearly 25 percent rise in car thefts from 2022 to 2023.

The report explains police in one area have resorted to passing out doorstops to homeowners.

The move seeks to help prevent their doors from being kicked in by criminals.

However, another more radical tactic is raising more eyebrows.

Canadian officials hope that criminals will be less likely to enter people’s homes if they can be tempted by an offer to easily steal the homeowner’s car instead.


Toronto Canada, authorities advise home owners to leave their car keys next to their front door so that thieves just take



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