Canadian Government Moves to Criminalize Christianity – EVOL

Canada is moving to criminalize Christianity as the far-left Canadian government seeks to expand its so-called “hate speech” laws to include key elements of the Christian faith.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-controlled government is planning to outlaw Christianity, with Bible reading and prayer to be considered “hate speech” – a “crime” punishable with prison time.

Under Trudeau, a WEF Young Global Leader, the government is introducing an amendment to the Criminal Code that could see believers face jail time for expressing historic Christian teachings.

The legislation, Bill C-367, will make it illegal to reiterate certain parts of the Bible.

By stripping away the “good faith” defense, the government will be able to prosecute Christians for what is deemed by the state as “hate speech.”

Traditional Christian practices such as celebrating Christmas or attending church service will be considered crimes that carry severe penalties.

The proposed amendment aims to remove the provision that allows individuals to defend themselves by claiming they genuinely believe in and were merely expressing religious teaching already found in the Scriptures.

This means that citing religious beliefs as justification for words or actions that the state effectively regards as “heresy” will no longer be accepted



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