Canada Moves to Begin Jailing 'Net Zero' Critics – EVOL

Globalist lawmakers in Canada are pushing a disturbing new piece of legislation that seeks to jail members of the public who question the “Net Zero” agenda of the unelected World Economic Forum (WEF).

The push aims to tackle so-called “climate skepticism” as governments around the world scramble to meet the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals.

The legislation, Bill C-372, was introduced by Canada’s left-wing socialist New Democratic Party (NDP).

Under the bill, the promotion of fossil fuel use will be outlawed with restrictions similar to tobacco advertising applied.

Those who speak in favor of fossil fuels, or criticize plans to eliminate them, will face massive fines and possible prison time.

The bill was authored by New Democrat MP Charlie Angus, a close ally of Canada’s far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Angus was runner-up in the NDP’s 2017 leadership race which was won by Jagmeet Singh.

The prominent lawmaker has dubbed his bill the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act.

Angus seeks to curb if not ban advertisements for fossil fuels while outlawing criticisms of the policies required to comply with Net Zero.

In his bill, Angus cites “health” and “environmental” concerns by drawing parallels between the tobacco and fossil fuel industries.

He insists that



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