Canada Backs Bill Gates’ Scheme to Block the Sun – EVOL

The Canadian government has announced that the country will be investing millions of dollars in taxpayer money into a scheme championed by Bill Gates that seeks to “fight climate change” by blocking out the Sun.

The government’s Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) released a 5-year plan for tackling so-called “global warming.”

As part of the plan, the ECCC revealed that major investments will be made into technologies that block the Sun’s light and heat from reaching the surface of the Earth.

According to Gates and other globalist scientists promoting the plan, the idea involves “saving the planet” from the alleged threat of “manmade global warming” by cooling the Earth instead.

Gates and his allies, including billionaire George Soros and the World Economic Forum (WEF), believe they can “reverse global warming” by blocking out the Sun.

The idea was outlined in the Canadian government’s “Science Strategy 2024 to 2029” plan released by the ECCC.

The report from the country’s ruling Liberal Party reveals the plan seeks to “Understand the potential for climate engineering and determine the implications of technologies that aim to deliberately alter the climate system, typically to counteract climate warming (e.g., solar radiation modification, marine geoengineering, carbon dioxide removal



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