California’s Fast Food Prices Soar as $20 Minimum Wage Comes into Effect – EVOL

Fast food chains across California have increased menu prices as restaurants respond to the new $20-an-hour minimum wage that came into effect for workers on Monday.

Menu prices have soared at some chains, with some items increasing by as much as $2.

The New York Post checked menus at several restaurants in the Los Angeles area to compare the prices before and after the law came into effect.

However, the price hikes appear to show that the costs are already being passed onto consumers.

The biggest leap was at a Burger King, where a Texas Double Whopper meal cost $15.09 on March 29, but surged to $16.89 on April 1, a price whopping increase of $1.80 for the same meal.

The Big Fish meal also jumped from $7.49 on the menu before April 1 to $11.49 after — an increase of $4.

Most other items increased anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar.

Burger King was not alone, however.

At Hart House, a fast food chain founded by actor Kevin Hart, prices increased up to 25%.

Before the law was enacted, large fries cost $4.49.

On April 1, that price soared to $5.99.

Milkshakes of all sizes increased by $1.00,



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