California Softball Team Kneels for National Anthem in Louisiana, Gets Brutal Response from Patriotic Crowd: ‘Liberal Wokeness!’ – EVOL

Players for the University of California, Berkley softball team got a rude awakening when they took a knee for the national anthem during a game in Louisiana.

The leftist protest provoked an immediate and brutal response from fans of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s women’s softball team.

Patriots in the crowd were outraged by the disrespectful display and blasted the players over the “liberal wokeness” they were expressing.

During a February 9 home game, every member of the Ragin’ Cajuns softball team stood to honor their country as the national anthem was played.

Most of the California players also stood to honor their country.

However, six of them took a knee to show their disrespect for America and their hosts in the state of Louisiana.

In the South, such actions do not go down well.

Following the incident, the San Francisco outlet SF Gate even attempted to portray the kneelers as victims of a hate campaign.

The outlet claimed that the players “were verbally harassed while kneeling during the anthem.”

SF Gate failed to mention, however, that the players were disrespected locals in a part of the country that honors God and country and respects communities.

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